Good Health for You & Your Baby!

Prenatal Massages are the Perfect Gift!

Prenatal Massages are a wonderful gift for Baby Showers!

Treat a "Mommy to Be" to a special treat that will help her through this very special time in her life. 

Attractive Gift Certificates available for any of our sessions.

Give a single session or a package of 3!

Add Essential Oils to enhance your gift!

Special Requirements

Pre-Natal Massage Sessions can be scheduled in the 2nd & 3rd trimester only. 

Please get permission from your doctor if you are in a high-risk pregnancy

Always inform your Massage Therapist of any changes in your health. 

Postpartum Massage Sessions will depend on the condition of your health following the delivery and what your doctor recommends.    

Benefits of Massage

Massage Therapy is a natural alternative to taking pain medications that can affect your unborn baby.

During Pregnancy:

Reduces fluid retention in feet and legs 

Increases flexibility in joints  

Relieves back pain from changes in your body  Reduces foot and leg cramps  

Relieves headaches  

Slows progress of varicose veins  

Helps relieve common digestive problems  

Relieves stress and fatigue  

Helps prepare for labor  

Increases energy by improving circulation 


Helps in handling the physical demands of caring for a newborn  

Eases tension to allow milk letdown if nursing  

Gives emotional comfort to help with postmpartum "blues".

Pre-Natal Massage Menu

Pre-Natal Massage Packages can also be used after Delivery